fishing box

Please put on the earphone


I want to put the experience of fishing into a small box. As I move slowly and gently in such a tiny box, a feeling about a bigger space of leisure and peace lies in this box. The tension of the rod is erratic. The fishing rod is the shape of a pen. Fishing is a slow and contemplative state just like writing. It is a box that can make time slower and space bigger.

Unity coding

After done with the code in Arduino, I finally got to the most complicated part of dealing with the 6 sensor values.


I have 3 sensors(A,B,C) for x axis and 3 sensors(D,E,F) for z axis.
Actually the way of dealing with sensor data is complicated so I would rather share the c# code with you instead of explaining it. I am writing the comment to try to explain it a little bit. You can see the code in this link.

All Unity scripts on github

You can see my process in detail and more user test feedback in this link: circuit and user testing feedback and my thoughts